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Welcome to Eterna , Where world class dentistry meets elite cosmetic care. Our commitement is dual faceted ensuring a radiant smile that speaks volumes and fostering an outer appearance that resonates confidence. Nestled in the heart of Calicut, our clinic emerges as a sanctuary of transformation, offering a harmonious blend of dental precision and aesthetic artistry.

At eterna, every procedure, every consultation, and every smile is a testament to our dedication to excellence. Let us be your trusted companaions , as you embark on this journey of enhanced beauty and oral health.


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Browse through captivating images that showcase our modern facilities, welcoming ambiance, and commitment to providing a comfortable environment for your healthcare needs.


Meet Our
Expert Teams

Our dedicated team comprises experienced professionals in dental, skin, and hair treatments. With a passion for enhancing your well-being, our experts bring skill, knowledge, and a commitment to delivering exceptional care.

Dr. Ashitha Mohandas

Periodontist and Cosmetologist

Dedicated to enhancing smiles and empowering individuals to look and feel their absolute best.

Dr. Rinoosha

BDS dentist

Ensuring optimal oral health for every patient.

Dr. Shabna


Dedicated professional with a strong passion for skin health and an exceptional eye for detail.

Fidha Nazrin

Dental Assistant

Providing exceptional patient care and ensuring that their visits are as pleasant as possible.